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    LMWPL advanced team players Sarvan Gill, Daniel Kolocka and Aleksa Marinkovic make Team BC. They joined fe... read more 
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2016-03-02T09:58:56-08:00March 02 2016, at 09:58 AM PST, Constantine McQuade said:

On Feb 3rd, at the LMWPL monthly League meeting a special presentation was made to Harry Jung in appreciation for his ten years of service to our league.. A small plaque was presented for his long time leadership role and service as an league and club executive.



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No recent activity League standings January to April
Hi All FYI , our intention is to have this age group league game results and standings only include the January to April period so we can accurately have the league standing correct. The whole purpose of the teampages league results and results is not about the wins or loses but about the promise we made to everyone that League games are important. We need to follow thru on our commitment.
Last Post: March 07, 2016 at 03:19pm pst Started By: Constantine McQuade


No recent activity Nov.16th game: Bur 1 vs. Haney
Hi, Thanks Harry for your comment on a post. I was confusing to see the results of our two teams (Bur1 & Bur2) on that day because some players from Bur 2 (including Vlad, Ryan, Walid , etc.) played for Bur1 vs. Couq too!... Is it right? Thanks
Last Post: November 19, 2014 at 11:26am pst Started By: Vlad Evtushenko


No recent activity Nov.16th game: Bur 1 vs. Haney
Hi All, Can someone explain me why they put Haney won 7:0 ? The score was 14:2 for Burnaby 1.
Last Post: November 18, 2014 at 08:19pm pst Started By: Vlad Evtushenko
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